How to Build a Natural Hair Regimen

1. Sulfate free shampoo: The first thing you need is a cleanser. Opting for a sulfate free shampoo is better for the hair as sulfates can strip the hair of it's essential oils. It is very important to include a shampoo in your regimen to clear the scalp and hair of dirt to allow it to grow and flourish.

2. Moisturize and protein deep conditioner: A deep conditioner is very necessary to maintain moisture and protein balance. This will help to keep your hair healthy and be able to grow strong.

3. Leave in conditioner: A leave in conditioner can be used after washing to maintain the moisture levels of the hair. Natural hair can easily dry out, so following up with a leave in conditioner after washing helps to prevent that.

4. Sealant oil: It is important to SEAL in all the moisture you put in your hair! Water is a moisturizer, but in order to seal it you must use a heavy oil such as argan, jojoba or jamaican black castor oil.

5. Sealant cream: This is the last step to the moisturizing and sealing process. A heavy cream helps to LOCK in all of the moisture.

6. Styling cream: After moisturizing and sealing, in order to style your hair you must use a styling cream of some kind. This will help for your intended style to last much longer. An example is the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie.

7.Styling tools: Lastly, you will need styling tools such as a denman brush and wide tooth comb. These are essentials to your natural hair journey.

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